Conditional Forgiveness

You just found out someone has been spreading untrue and damaging rumors about you to all your friends, and now you know why most of them have been avoiding you. What conditions need to be met in order for you … Continue reading

The Body Of Christ

When Jesus walked the earth, He had a physical body, just like we do. He spent alot of time doing His Father’s work. He met physical and spiritual needs in the people who came to him, and sometimes people met … Continue reading


Rewards come in many forms for many different things. There are trophies, ribbons, certificates, rings, plaques, belts, and medals, and they’re given for achievements in sports, music, science, business, and other areas. For those who served in the military, there … Continue reading

Discipleship Class Notes

Salvation costs me nothing. Discipleship costs me everything. These are the results of a study on discipleship I put together for the Beatty Community Church, originally as a night class, then as part of the adult Sunday school. These notes … Continue reading

The Work Of The Holy Spirit

Introduction How can we identify the work of the Holy Spirit? What sets the Spirit's work apart from the work of man or a deceiving spirit? What makes the Holy Spirit's work unique? These are important questions for today's believer. … Continue reading

What Determines Worth?

I had often wondered what made one painting worth more than another. Is it the name of the artist who painted it? Is it the quality or complexity of the work? Perhaps how old it is? Recently a painting sold … Continue reading

Hearing His Voice

it’s amazing how God designed the human brain to be able to pick out individual voices in a crowd. There could be any number of people talking all at once in a crowded room and you could mentally focus on … Continue reading

A Lesson From Trees

Trees amaze me. You can take two different kinds of trees, plant them in the same soil, give them the same water, fertilizer, and sunshine, and they’ll grow differently. Each has it’s own style of growth, bark, and leaves. And … Continue reading