First Or Last

Supernatural revelation played a major part in how people saw Jesus when He was born. There were those who welcomed Him as the Messiah, and there were those who knew nothing of Him or tried to kill Him. Zacharias knew Jesus was coming through an angelic visit in the temple. Mary also received a visit from an angel. Joseph saw an angel in a vision, and the shepherds saw a host of angels. God told Simeon he would see Jesus before he died, and the Magi came through a supernatural star.

Without revelation from God, nobody would have known who Jesus is. Everyone would have assumed Mary was a fornicator, and Jesus an ordinary child born out of wedlock. (Even today many think this because God hasn’t revealed it to them through the testimony of the biblical witnesses.) No doubt those at the inn in Bethlehem had no idea Who Mary was about to give birth to or they would have made room somehow. After all, if Herod had stooped to stay the night in Bethlehem (…not that he would), he wouldn’t have been forced to spend it in a stable!

She brought forth her firstborn son, and she wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a feeding trough, because there was no room for them in the inn.

-Luke 2:7

Last Saturday I went to Walmart to do some shopping and pick up a Christmas card for my wife. There was a huge selection of cards available – maybe 30 feet or more of aisle space full of Christmas cards. Since Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of Christ, I tried to find a card that spoke about Jesus, but I didn’t find any. Even the ‘religious’ cards were not about Christ. Two thousand years after His birth, there was no room for Jesus in the Christmas card aisle either.

Jesus is either all or nothing to you. If you don’t put Him first in your life, He becomes last. You cannot put Him in second place, because over time He will be completely crowded out. He will become a threat to your goals and aspirations. You either see Him as your Savior or your enemy.

For a much better take on this, take a look at The Threatened King or the Sacrifical Father at Michael Kelly Ministries.

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