New page: Satan’s Power of Suggestion

When it comes to spiritual warfare, I think it’s very important to know your enemy and the weapons he uses. Some years ago I wrote of three ways that Satan tries to get at us: Deception, Distraction, and Discouragement. Satan lies to us, he tries to get our eyes on worldly things, and he gets us to lose hope.

Since then I’ve become aware of other weapons he uses, one of the most subtle and powerful of which is his power of suggestion. Satan doesn’t force us to disobey God, and he doesn’t always directly suggest we sin, but he does plant ideas in our heads to indirectly lead us to sin. We fall for his suggestions all the time. I see it everywhere: in the media and wherever I go. You see it as well, but you might not recognize it for what it is. So to help increase your awareness of this subtle attack strategy, I wrote Satan’s Power of Suggestion. This is based on a message I gave at my church back in May. Give it a read, and protect yourself. Be aware of your enemy’s attack vectors!

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