The Rules

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Beginning at the Start arrow, find your way to the Finish arrow without crossing over any lines (except for bridges, which are described below).

Arrows indicate one-way paths. When you come to an arrow, you may go with it, but you may not go against it. In other words, you can go from A to B, but not from B to A.

Bridges are where one or more paths go under or over another path. They are indicated by a double-line in parallel with the overpass, similar to the way they would appear on a road map. Paths do not join at a bridge. This means you can go from A to B, or from B to A, but you can’t jump from the AB path to the C path, or vice versa.

Writing on or marking this maze is not only considered cheating, it ruins the maze for someone else. Do not write on or mark this maze in any way. Use a non-marking pointed object such as a capped pen to trace your way.

I originally gave a time limit of 5 hours, but it will probably take you much longer to complete this maze.

About This Maze

I drew this maze in 1981. It took me 5 months, from April 27 to September 25, to draw in my spare time. The original is 33″ wide by 89.625″ long, drawn in ink and colored pencil on a roll of plain white paper. The paper and ink deteriorated over time, so the copy you have has been computer-retouched and enhanced. Some minor errors in the original have also been corrected and I made some changes to ensure that there is only one solution.

Because this maze was originally hand-drawn, there are various minor cosmetic defects. Bridges and arrows do not appear as neatly drawn as they are shown on this page.

If you are wondering what happened to the other four Mammoth Mazes, only two of those others were ever completed, and I don’t have them any more. This one, however, is my last, largest and most complicated Mammoth Maze.

If you look closely, you’ll find a few things hidden in the design, such as my initials “ARB”, a dinosaur, and the word “MAZES”. There are 5 submazes within the main maze that have a darker outline around them (such as the cube area). These are easy to get in to, but hard to get out of. In fact, one of them has only one way in that leads to a way out; all of the other ways in have no exit. There is also a small star near the start that indicates the point from which there is only one solution to the maze; from that star on, you have to stay on the right path to make it to the finish.

If you totally give up, the solution is available for $10. Send check or money order to:

Andrew Bernhardt
P.O. Box 669
Beatty, Nevada 89003

Andrew Bernhardt’s Maze page:


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