Salvation costs me nothing. Discipleship costs me everything.

These are the results of a study on discipleship I put together for the Beatty Community Church, originally as a night class, then as part of the adult Sunday school. These notes are not in their final form and the degree of ‘finished-ness’ varies.

Some of the quotes used in these notes were obtained from, and others through my own reading. Please note that the various quotes by various Christian leaders, pastors, and teachers does not imply an endorsement of everything they taught or believed. For example, I quote Watchman Nee in some areas where he has very good insight, but he also has some very dangerous teachings. Always test what man has written (including what I’ve written here) by God’s word, the Bible. No human is infallible.

I have also included the following extended quotations:

“Methods Of Bible Study”, by R. A. Torrey

“Spiritual Gifts Inventory” based on K. C. Kinghorn’s Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts.

I plan on including “Finding God’s Will” from Viggo Olsen’s book Daktar, Diplomat In Bangladesh when/if I receive permission from the author.

All scripture quotations are from the New King James version.

Introduction Introduction to discipleship. What it means and how to follow Jesus Christ.
Bible Study How to study the Bible as God’s word.
Quiet Time Why and how to spend quality quiet time with God.
Prayer How to pray to your heavenly Father.
Fasting What fasting is and how to fast.
Faith What faith is and how to make your faith stronger.
Sin & Temptation How to deal with sin and temptation in your life.
Walking In The Spirit What it means to walk in the Spirit, and how this is the secret to living a victorious Christian life.
Living For God’s Glory The meaning of life and how to fulfill it. This is derived from my Giving Glory to God study.
Worship What it means and how to worship God.
Finding God’s Will How do find God’s will for your life. How to make the right decision in big and small matters.
Body Building Taking your place in the body of Christ. Finding and using your spiritual gifts.
Evangelism Fulfilling the great commission by telling others about Jesus and making disciples.
Summary A summary of what it means to follow Jesus practically.


Discipleship Class Notes — 7 Comments

  1. Amazing,great job. God bless you richly dear brother. You have come up with something that will bless many! William Yeong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  2. Really I do not have words to express the blessings which I got from reading this discipleship notes. I have changed truly. It is incredible. Thank you so much!

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