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On Being Saved — 3 Comments

  1. No comments in 800 days? What a shame!

    “Repentance: We must repent of our sin.”
    “Faith: We must trust in Jesus Christ alone to save us”

    These acts are not generated by gritting our teeth or setting our reprobate will-power to do so.

    If you are unable to cite Jesus’ words in connection with good acts of repentance and faith, you are failing to deny self and follow Him. Here are the two verses: John 6:65 and John 15:5. Nobody comes to Me unless Father does something first, and without Me you can do nothing.

    Asserting self (which is anti-christ) is not the same as giving Father and Son all credit and authority over good acts. Jesus has authority to command us to deny self.

    If I worship the “jesus” who believes in my human “free-will” in regards to salvation, I am a rank idolator and certainly not saved.

    Anyone who refuses to work within Jesus’ teachings is likely a self-asserting idolator who worships a different, foreign “jesus”. And fails to deny self. Those who are unable to stay within Jesus’ teachings just don’t have God and should not be teaching. See 2 John 1:9-11 for proof. Pretty sure the real Jesus believes this verse! The description gets much worse in 2 Corinthians 11:4,13-15. Ministers of Satan.

    Billy Graham always taught a false christ. He taught that God does His 99% but your SELF must supply the other 1%. Graham failed to deny self, failed to stay in Jesus’ teachings. Jesus never taught this. His error would be more stark if he had said “God does His 1%, but you must generate the other 99%” I do not assume he is a saved man.

    Are you legally guilty for assuming (being deceived) your whole life that Graham was a saved, righteous Christ-obeyer/follower?

    What if you refuse to deal with this legal guilt? Does it just not exist because your SELF says so?

    How is asserting SELF the same as denying self? Jesus commanded one of these!

    How is being deceived equivalent to obeying Jesus’ words? Jesus commands me not to be deceived. (rhetorical questions, although they demonstrate a point)

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