What God Doesn’t Do

We worship an all-powerful God. Nothing can stop or hinder Him from doing whatever He wants. Practically speaking (and as far as our situations and circumstances are concerned), nothing is impossible with God.

It is our awareness of this fact, joined with our knowledge of His love for us, that allows us to go to Him with our worries and concerns for the ‘impossible’ situations in our lives, knowing that He can and does deliver us out of these situations. As we become more aware of how unlimited our God is, our faith increases.

And yet, there are some things that God does not do… even that He cannot do. These are not limitations from outside of Himself; they all center on who He is: His character and His nature. God cannot and will not violate who He is. Amazingly, our awareness of God’s ‘limitations’ also helps to increase our faith.

Several years ago, I posted a list of things that God doesn’t do on the Michael Card forum. Here’s a reprint of that list. You’re welcome to add to it.

What God Doesn’t Do

  • Think or act like me (Isaiah 55:8-9, Psalm 50:21)
  • Give His glory to another (Isaiah 42:8)
  • Forgive the sin of speaking evil of the Holy Spirit (Luke 12:10)
  • Hear my prayer if I harbor iniquity in my heart (Psalm 66:18, John 9:31)
  • Forgive me if I don’t forgive my brother (Matthew 6:15)
  • Allow His word to return void (Isaiah 55:11)
  • Start something without finishing it (Philippians 1:6).
  • Do things maliciously (purposely create trouble for someone unjustly)
  • Tempt me (James 1:13)
  • Forget His covenant
  • Renege on His promises
  • Keep His anger forever (i.e. hold a grudge)
  • Sleep (Psalm 121:4)
  • Blink (i.e. make mistakes)
  • Fail to come through for me when I trust Him to save me (Romans 10:11)
  • Do things on a whim (randomly)
  • Do things half-way or half-heartedly (Philippians 1:6)
  • Break the bruised reed or quench the smoldering wick (Matthew 12:20)
  • Think of people in terms of statistics (He’s concerned about individuals, Luke 15)
  • Think in terms of probabilities (…no such thing as chance)
  • Give grudgingly (James 1:5)
  • Treat me as my sins deserve, see or even remember my sins (Hebrews 10:17)
  • Condemn me (Romans 8:1, … thank You, Jesus!!!)
  • Cease loving me
  • Despise the prayer of the needy (Psa. 102:17)
    • …including those in need of wisdom (James 1:5)
    • …or despise the sacrifices of a broken spirit and heart (Psa. 51:17)
  • Abandon me as an orphan (John 14:18 – I’ve always thought of orphans as children without parents, but Jesus, our spiritual big Brother, said this. He doesn’t abandon us either.)

What else does God not do?

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