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  1. Hi, Andrew!

    I hope this finds you well.

    I love your blog!

    My wife and I run a small Christian site as well. In fact, we recently created some really beautiful bible verse pictures. (If I do say so myself :)

    I know how tough it can be to find good images for blog posts, so I wanted to pay it forward and let you know that you can feel free to use them on your blog posts if you ever need a good picture…

    You can find them here:

    Feel free to create your own collection, or just use them individually on blog posts… We’d love it if you cited us as the source, but that is totally up to you.

    But yeah… thanks for doing what you do! Also, let me know if you’d like another bible verse made into a picture. We’ll be making some more, and we can make a specific one if you need it for a post.

    And if you do end up using one, let me know and I’ll share your article on our facebook page (56,000 fans)…

    Blessings to you. And make sure to pay it forward!

    Serving Him,
    Michael B
    Prayers for Special Help

  2. Andrew,

    I read your book “How to Gain Victory Over Sin.” I would like to discuss and share with you some of the things I have learned that may help you gain a more complete victory.


  3. Andrew,
    My thesis is that the life of Joseph is a foreshadowing of the life of Jesus. You have already indicated that as well. Now another step. Does the life of Joseph/Jesus also give us events in the life of the church? It certainly seems to do so. Evidence: 1. pit=cross and tomb. 2. resurrection=drawn out of the pit for Joseph. 3. sold into Egypt=church today in the world. 4. Joseph second to Pharaoh=Jesus at the right hand of God. 5. 7 years of famine which bring the brothers to Joseph=7 years of tribulation bringing Israel to Jesus.
    Do you then have any insight over the meaning of Poltipher/imprisonment passage and what this conveys for the church? I would welcome any insight God has given you. Thank you.

  4. Is it still possible to order a copy of your Mammoth Maze?
    My 7 yrs old son is obsessed with making mazes. He has probably made over 100 since he began at age 6. Most are on standard paper, but his biggest was probably about 3ft by 18″. Ironically, he also made a 3-D cube maze with a little help from me. By his request, I am now helping him make a small maze book that he wants to sell copies of “to give money to poor kids.” I haven’t decided which ministry to donate the funds to though.

  5. Dear Pastor,

    Calvary greetings to you from Malawi.

    We are a bible believing church here in Malawi – Africa looking for partnership with your church there in overseas.

    I am very happy to come across your contact on website, I am very much interested
    in your ministry. We would like to learn a lot from you and serve
    together in spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was saved
    in 1999 and later called to pastoral ministry in 2002. We have two
    churches in Malawi and one church plant in Mozambique.

    Therefore, we invite you to come to Malawi to minister to our churches through preaching, teachings, training, or conference. Your visit will be a great blessing to many souls here. People are hungry for the Word of God, we are praying that the Lord God will lead you in this matter.

    Looking forward to hear from you.
    God bless you,

    Pastor Duncan Nyozani
    Searchlight Ministries
    P. O. Box 104

  6. Greetings of peace Andrew,
    Found you searching the error of replacement theology and really enjoyed what I read from you. The Bible prophecies are literal! : )
    Please consider visiting our homemade website.
    Jesus is returning soon.

  7. Hello. Thank you for your blog. I have been struggling with an issue regarding language. Several pastoral persons are saying that the heavenly language is “speaking in tongues”, this is the language of prayer, in order to receive it one must be baptized again and they use multiple scripture to prove it. I read that it is a gift and that God hears prayer even if one is not doing so in the so called “heavenly language” and that there is one baptism when one receives the Lord Jesus Christ. I read that God IS love and there is “nothing” that happens if we do not have love. So, the language of love of which you have spoken should be the “heavenly language” that we are to utilize. Please help me with this. Thank you.

  8. Hello Andrew
    I am a 74-years-young Grammy. I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I found your website and I like what I see so far. Right now, I can’t think clearly and I want a reliable source to feed on until I come out of my temporary position of grief and loss.
    I am normally a high achiever. can outwork anyone (Probably a bit overstated) and have been a Christian from a child. Now I am in a heap but it is probably where I need to be right now. On 07-03-2019 @3.30 pm, Our beautiful daughter Penelope died in an horrific no-blame traffic accident. We are now mum and dad to her 4 children. The older 2 are living independently and the younger 2 live with us. Our older daughter, Abigail is intellectually disabled and finding it difficult to accept the changes that Penelope’s death has caused. That is the tip of the Iceberg. I lost my best friend from cancer and another mutual friend in a head-on car crash when a vehicle crossed to the wrong side of the road. That friend’s husband survived but has brain damage and his sister died also. I had 3 bereavements in 3 months. I can’t find your website. I was directed to your Facebook page, but it brought up many other churches, not yours. I would like to read your statement of faith Do you have the same or similar beliefs as the Desiring God website? Love, peace and blessings, Kathleen

    • Kathleen,
      I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter, as well as the other difficulties you have been experiencing. My wife and I lost an adult son a few years ago, and our already very small church lost a few members this year, so I feel for your loss. When God brings you through this time of testing, may you shine like gold (Job 23:10).

      I have an expanded version of my church’s statement of faith on my website: . I broke down each statement into its own webpage, and added many scripture references to support them. I don’t know where’s statement of faith is, but I expect it is similar to ours.
      In Christ, Andrew

      • Hello Andrew
        Thank you for your reply. In this difficult time, I have been asking The Lord to remove all that is not pleasing to him from my life. I really do want to come out of this shining like gold for Him. I found the statement of faith. It is very well written.
        May God bless you, your family and your church.

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