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  1. Too bad your “Evolution and Harmless Mutations” essay didn’t have space for comments.

    Regarding your cats’ kinked tail, that is a dominant trait, assuming his father was regular-tailed and did not carry the DNA for kinked trait. A single kink-gene donated from momma kitty shows up in handsome boy! If he sires 100 kittens, 50 will have kink-tail and 50 will be totally normal-tailed, statistically speaking. Easy to see how this works.

    Regarding claws/nails growing out of ones’ elbow… The most conservative model would be that it is a recessive trait, requiring input from both parents in order to be expressed. Surely if the trait/gene existed at all, anywhere, there would have been elbow-claws reported in the last 4000 years (or millions of years if you are a godless evolutionist!) by somebody astute enough to notice this oddity! Surely two parents, each carrying the unexpressed recessive trait, would have statistically mated at some time in history, spread out over billions of successful matings, and produced just one child with elbow-claw. But that just hasn’t happened. No cave paintings depicting this anomolie. Nothing in medical literature.

    Then there is the model of the eyeball and irreducible complexity that just flat out lays waste to gradual development of fantastic organs.

    My favorite tactic with evolutionists is to have them imagine throwing a piece of sirloin steak into the salty ocean, then have them zap it with good, old-fashioned lightening over and over. Hey, it’s ALL the chemicals for living cells present in a water solution, aided by energy strikes to make everything work, just like their life-from-steamy-rock-soup / simple-amino-acids / lightening-strikes theory of how the first cell got started! I even gave them a logarithmically massive head start by giving them all the concentrated, preformed DNA and all amino acids/proteins/sugars and lipids necessary for their theory (not some weak rock-soup). Saves them billions of centuries of waiting! But none of them are too eager to create their own evolutionary life forms using their newly identified Junior Pocket-Model Designer Evolution Kit by Ronco. Hmmmm, wonder why? Chicken-shts or they utterly realize their faith/belief system is bankrupt? (But have nowhere else to turn). They have faith in their unproven, non-reproducible, non-scientific-method belief system, thus it is a kooky, arrogant religion with massive unfounded faith in man’s clever opinion. Jim Jones would be proud of them. Scripture would call them fools. Reproducible science would call them fools. They just might be the lawless mentioned in Matt 7:23, connected to failing to beware false teachers in Matt 7:15.

    “Without Me you can do nothing” –John 15:5 Could also read: Without Me you cannot believe I created the universe as written in Genesis 1. Or, Without Me you cannot beware false teachers.

    They are backandedly telling you they are wicked fools, unbelievers who are condemned already, see Jesus’ words at John 3:18,36.

    We can only hope and pray that it is God’s will to turn some or all of them to Himself. He owes them nothing. They sure cannot come to Him on their own volition, proven in John 6:65. Don’t let Steve Gregg and his opinionayed arminian, anti-calvin, philosophical, self-asserting radio show (2-3 pm, Pacific Time, many stations) tell you any different. The guy is definitely a very knowledgeable, subtle false teacher, secretly bringing in antichrist selfish error, masquarading as a Christ-follower. Do call his show (844-484-5737) and use up his radio time if possible while correcting him.

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