I’ve made some recordings of some of my sermons available for your listening pleasure (or more likely listening suffering! I’m not a good speaker). Click on the MP3 link to listen or download.

Link Date Title
MP3 2013-05-26 Victory Over Sin (Romans 6-8)
MP3 2009-09-20 Look, Pray, Go (Matthew 9)
MP3 2008-11-30 The Character Of Job and The Character Of God
MP3 2007-09-23 The Greater Miracle
MP3 2006-07-30 Acts 5:33-42
MP3 2006-07-16 Acts 5:17-25
MP3 2006-07-02 Acts 5:1-11
MP3 2006-06-11 Acts 4:13-31
MP3 2006-05-07 The Church’s Passion Is Christ (Acts 2)
MP3 2006-04-30 The Church Is Dependent On God (Acts 2)
MP3 2006-04-09 Jesus’ Triumphal Entry
MP3 2006-03-26 The Call of Jeremiah
MP3 2006-02-26 Walking By Faith
MP3 2006-02-19 What Faith Is
MP3 2006-01-08 Holiness Intro
MP3 2005-12-04 Requirements of Discipleship
MP3 2005-11-13 Our Response in Salvation (Salvation Quiz)
MP3 2005-10-09 The Lord’s Supper
MP3 2005-09-18 The Church
MP3 2005-09-04 Our Blessed Hope
MP3 2005-07-24 Jesus Our High Priest
MP3 2005-07-10 Jesus Is God And Man
MP3 2005-05-29 The Purpose Of The Bible
MP3 2005-05-15 Inspiration of the Bible (Incomplete)
MP3 2005-02-27 Being Holy
MP3 2005-01-23 The Fall
MP3 2004-12-05 Pride
MP3 2004-11-07 Abiding In The Vine
MP3 2004-09-05 I AM Gentle and Lowly of Heart
MP3 2004-04-25 Know Your Enemy
MP3 2003-12-28 Progress Check
MP3 2003-10-06 The Essential Gospel
MP3 2003-04-07 Shame
MP3 2003-03-23 Following The Will Of God
MP3 2002-09-01 First-Hand Witnessing

Other Audio

Here’s some more miscellaneous recordings I’ve made where I’m not speaking:

Link Date Title
MP3 2003-09-14 Wanda Bernhardt (Church testimony)
MP3 2008-08-23 Wanda Bernhardt (AA testimony in Victorville, CA – poor quality recording)
MP3 2008-09-12 Wanda Bernhardt (AA testimony in Las Vegas, NV – poor quality recording)
MP3 2009-03-28 Excerpts from the Hope House Grand Opening Celebration (Rick McGee, Pastor Dennis Lee, Kim Ortega, Melba McGee)


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