The Old Testament contains various “types” of Christ – people who reflected what the Messiah would be like, but I think the one person who foreshadowed Jesus the most was Joseph, the son of Jacob. Here is a list of similarities I’ve found:

Similarities Joseph Jesus
Both are first-born. Genesis 30:22-24 (of Rachel) Matthew 1:25 (of Mary)
Both are shepherds. Genesis 37:2 Matthew 2:26, 26:31
John 10:11
Both are the most loved of their fathers. Genesis 37:3 Matthew 3:17, 12:18
Both were prophecied to be rulers. Genesis 37:5-11 Daniel 7:13-14
Micah 4:7,5:2
Psalm 2
Both Joseph’s and Jesus’ brothers were jealous of them, and did not believe them. Genesis 37:4-5, 11 John 7:3-5, 15:18-19
The prophecies that Joseph would rule his brothers (the tribes of Israel), and Jesus would rule the whole world, including Israel. Genesis 37:6-11 Daniel 7:13-14
Psalm 2:1-12
Joseph was sent by his father to his brothers. Jesus was sent by His Father to Israel. Genesis 37:13,18-20 Matthew 21:37-38, Mark 12:6-7, Luke 20:13-15, John 5:23
Both were stripped of their coat. Genesis 37:23 John 19:23
The coat was dipped in blood. Genesis 37:31 Revelation 19:13
Both were sold by one of the 12 named Judah (Greek ‘Judas’). Genesis 37:26-27 Matthew 26:15, 27:9
Joseph was apparently put to death, and Jesus truly, by their own people to get them out of the way. Genesis 37:18-28 Acts 2:22-23
Reuben wanted to rescue Joseph. Pilate wanted to rescue Jesus. Genesis 37:21-22 Matthew 27:24
Joseph was sold as a slave to Egypt. Jesus was betrayed for the price of a slave. Genesis 37:26-28 Matthew 26:15, Exodus 21:32, Zechariah 11:12-13
Both went to Egypt. Genesis 37:28 Matthew 2:13-15
Both were made slaves. Genesis 39:1 Philippians 2:7
Both were falsely accused… Genesis 39:11-20 Matthew 26:59-61
…and punished. Genesis 39:20 Matthew 27:35
Yahweh was with them both. Genesis 39:3,21,23
Acts 7:9
Acts 10:38
Luke 2:52
John 1:1-2, 3:2
Both were with two others condemned to die, one of which was pardoned and given life. Genesis 40:1-3,20-22 Luke 23:32,39-43
Both declared what was needed to save life. Genesis 41:33 John 5:54
John 6:35
God’s Spirit indwelt them both. Genesis 41:38 Luke 4:1
Acts 10:38
The king of Egypt exalted Joseph out of slavery to be ruler over all to bring all under the king’s rule. Jesus is exalted out of slavery to bring all under God’s rule. Genesis 41:40-44 Acts 2:32-33
1 Corinthians 15:27-28
Philippians 2:5-11
All knees bowed to Joseph. All knees will bow to Jesus. Genesis 41:43 Philippians 2:10
Both were given a name meaning Savior. Genesis 41:45 (“Savior of the World” or “Sustainer of Life”) Matthew 1:21 (“Yahweh is Salvation”)
Both were given a gentile bride by the King. Genesis 41:45 2 Corinthians 11:2
Troubled times come during their rule. 7 years of “tribulation”. Genesis 41:54-55 Mark 13:8
Jeremiah 30:7
The king of Egypt appointed Joseph to be the sole source of life for all. God appointed Jesus to be our sole source of eternal life. Genesis 41:55-57 Acts 4:12
1 John 5:11-12
Joseph was 30 years old when he started working for Pharoah. Jesus was about 30 years old when He began His ministry. Genesis 41:46 Luke 3:23
Joseph’s brothers did not recognize him. Jesus’ own people didn’t either. Genesis 42:7-8 John 1:10
Trouble for Joseph’s brothers. Trouble for Israel (“Jacob’s trouble”). Genesis 42:21-22,36 Isaiah 40:1-2
Jeremiah 30:7
Joseph was revealed to his brothers at their second coming. Jesus to be revealed to Israel at His second coming. Genesis 45:1-5 Zechariah 12:10
Matthew 24:30-31
Revelation 1:7
Both offer forgiveness to those who sought to destroy them. Genesis 45:5, 50:17-21 Luke 23:34, Acts 5:31
The evil Joseph’s brothers intended God meant for good to save them. The same is true of the evil Jesus’ own people intended to him… Genesis 45:5-8
Genesis 50:20
Acts 3:12-18
…therefore they are forgiven. Genesis 45:5,10-15 Luke 23:34
Joseph’s brothers shared Pharaoh’s favor because of Joseph, not themselves. We share God’s favor because of Jesus, not because we are worthy. Genesis 45:16-20 Ephesians 2:4-8
Philippians 4:19
Both are to bring all under rule of the King. Genesis 47:19-20 Ephesians 1:10-12
Both are Savior Genesis 47:25 Acts 13:23
Joseph’s sons (Manasseh and Ephriam) come through his gentile wife and are given full tribe status. Gentiles who believe are considered full members of God’s people. Genesis 48:5,9 Hebrews 2:13 (Isaiah 8:18)
Acts 28:28
While only Jesus was truly sinless, Joseph is one of the few people significantly written about in the Bible of which no sins are mentioned. (silent) 1 Peter 2:22


Joseph – A Type Of Christ — 118 Comments

  1. Here is a type that I found one day while studying this about 20 years ago: Jospeh like Jesus was falsly accused. Jesus was eventually crucified as a result of being falsely accused. Joseph was thrown in a dungeon. During Christ’s crucifixion he was there with two other – thieves – one of which was saved and the other lost. In Joseph’s dungeon jail cell he also wasa accompanied by two – a butler and a baker… one of which were restored and the other lost. Joseph came forth from the dungeon jail and was exalted to the right hand of Pharaoh. Christ was exalted to God’s right hand…. I especially like thge part about the two men with each of them… Remember also that Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver while Jospeph was sold for 20 pieces.

  2. Thanks F.B. Don’t know how I could have missed the falsely accused similarity – very obvious now that you mentioned it. The two others is also a good point, and the being sold for a price.

  3. Also, in Genesis 45:5, Joseph says “for God sent me before you to preserve life.” Similarly was Jesus sent to earth by God to save our souls.

  4. here’s a similarity- Joseph was ‘stripped of his coat’ Gen 37:23, likewise the soldiers took the seamless garment of Jesus John 19:23

  5. We have been studying this portion of scripture in Sunday School. At the end where Joseph sends wagons to get his Family(brothers and their families) and brings them to be with him for care and protection from difficult times, I am wondering if this is a foreshadow of the rapture where the redeemed will be taken to safety while the great tribulation is going on?

    • I too believe like Joseph Family who was taken care of durning the famine, so we His Brise will be caught up to meet Him and will be protected from the the great tribulation and the wrath of God

  6. Teaching about Joseph in sunday school and seeing how perfect God has made this type between Joseph and Jesus I was currious as to why the difference in the peices of silver 20 vrs. 30. I fuond that 20 pcs of silver in Joseph’s day was equal to 30 pcs 2200 years later, 50% inflation; makes God’s type perfect!!Thank you for this study, God Bless you!

  7. Hi, for those interested in this subject there is an excellent book by Ada R Habershon, Kregel Publications, 1957 first Ed called “A Study of the Types”. Good work on the comparitive study, well done.

  8. Thanks for the reference, Dale. I’ll have to look that one up. (I see it’s public domain and readable online.)

  9. Pharaoh sent and called for Joseph Jesus was called to the marriage. Genesis 41:55 And when all the land of Egypt was famished, the people cried to Pharaoh for bread: John 2:3 The mother of Jesus saith unto Him, “The have no wine.” Genesis 41:55 and Pharaoh said unto all the Egyptians, Go unto Joseph, “What he says to you, do.” John 2:5 His mother saith unto the servants, “Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.”

  10. Thanks I was just saved 3months ago I was in the rastafari movment. Wen I was in the movment sum of them worshiped hailie selassie. He is also seen as a type of christ just like isaac an joseph. Sum the rasta belive he was the 2nd cuming of christ. U get diffrant group of rasta naiabingi boboshanti an the 12 tribes of israel.the 12 tribes belive that only jesus is warthly of worship an worshipping a man haile selassie is an idol. Were the rest of the group worship haile selassie i

  11. One more… Joseph & Jesus both showed their brethren that they were chosen to be rulers, Joseph by his “Coat of many colors”, Jesus by riding into town on the donkey and receiving the the praises of the people. (Zech. 9:9)

  12. i read somewhere another type which blew me away..Joseph was betrayed by Judah (older brother) and Jesus by Judas. very similar names and not a coincidence, dont you think. this is an amazing work. God bless you all!

  13. Hi – THANK YOU for the coupled references on Joseph and Jesus – it is an amazing collection. The information helped my teen and I to put together a short presentation for church. God bless you.

  14. Very helpful,

    I would add two more for the sincere seeker. Joseph’s coat is dipped in blood (Gen 37:31) as is the True and Faithful witness (Rev 19:13) additionally Joseph is clothed in vestures (Gen 41:42) as is the True and Faithful witness (Rev 19:13)

  15. Nowhere in scripture is Joseph said to be a type of Christ. Adam and David are explicitly said to be, but Joseph is not. To say that he is (despite the many comparisons) is to assert our own authority over scripture’s. Joseph is a good illustration, but he is not type of Christ.

  16. Nowhere in scripture does the word “type” occur either, Chadwick, so there must not be any types, right? Lighten up, man.
    Now, back to typology in the scripture: Manasseh, was Joseph’s firstborn. He is typed by the first Adam; the last Adam being Christ (I Cor. 15:45). Manasseh was not chosen by Jacob (type of God, the Father) to receive the birthright, but rather his younger brother, Ephraim, was chosen to receive the birthright, who is a type of Abraham, in whom all the families of the earth were blessed. In the New Testament, Manasseh is a type of the Jew and Ephraim a type of the Gentile (the Church).

  17. a possible further comparison. Consider the significance of Jesus’ fulfilment of the feasts with the reference to the New Moon celebration and full moon feast ‘established in Joseph as a testimony, when he went throughout the land of Egypt… Psalm 81:3-5 NKJV

    • Really? then explain the following to us:
      Jesus’ brothers are mentioned in several Bible verses. Matthew 12:46, Luke 8:19, and Mark 3:31 say that Jesus’ mother and brothers came to see Him. The Bible tells us that Jesus had four brothers: James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas (Matthew 13:55). The Bible also tells us that Jesus had sisters, but they are not named or numbered (Matthew 13:56). In John 7:1-10, His brothers go on to the festival while Jesus stays behind. In Acts 1:14, His brothers and mother are described as praying with the disciples. Galatians 1:19 mentions that James was Jesus’ brother. The most natural conclusion of these passages is to interpret that Jesus had actual blood half-siblings.

      Read more:

      • It was common in 1st century jewish culture to refer to your relatives as brothers, or sisters. In fact my understanding is that cousins were called brothers and sisters. The english concept/word for cousin did not exist in 1st century Aramaic, which is the language scholars agree would have been the spoken language of Jesus and his disciples. It is believed by many that even though the gospels are written in greek, the authors were Aramaic speakers and thinkers, especially considering the conversations they were recording were certainly not originally spoken in greek.

    • No, but he had 12 disciples. Just as Jacob (who was called Israel) had 12 sons, from whom all jewish people trace their linage to one of those 12 sons of Israel often referred to as the twelve tribes of Israel.

  18. Consider Josephs life with Potipher. Gen.39:1-6. Allegory of early church. Also his imprisonment allegory of dark ages. Then Josephs exaltation in Egypt allegory of reformation age when Gods word is set free and Christian revival breaks out.Then 7year famine allegory of 7year tribulation when God again is dealing with his covenent peaple Israel.

  19. Wow..this has taken on a life of its own!…let me add to the pile here. When Paul speaks in Ephesians 3 about the eternal purpose in Christ he uses the word “manifest wisdom”,,,in the Greek that word translates “many” or “variegated”… Does this relate to the “many colored” coat of Joseph? Christ does show the world the variegated wisdom of God…

  20. Hi thanks for your work on this – really very helpful. Thanks to others for the additional comments too. Here’s a few from me which I don’t think are listed or mentioned above:
    > Joseph was about 30 when he started his official work for pharaoh (Gen 41:46). Jesus was 30 yrs old when he started his main ministery.
    > After being made low in prison Joseph was raised to the highest honour by pharaoh, his no.2 (Gen 41:37-41), Jesus killed as a lowly criminal but raised, then ascended to right hand of God.
    > Joseph willing to forgive his brothers who betrayed him (Gen 45), Jesus forgives those who nail him to cross (Luke 23:34).
    > Joseph didn’t reveal himself to his brothers on their first visit (Gen 42:8), but the second he made it plain (Gen 45:1-5). Jesus didn’t fully reveal himself to the world when he first was on earth, but will be unmistakable when he returns again.
    Hope that helps? Thanks again. Mark.

  21. Excellent! thank you for publishing it.I’m rewriting my book Vision God’s Gift to Joseph and You” after twenty years.I’ve taught Joseph is a spiritual prototype for believers from The Lord speaking to my spirit. In seeking to validate what I published after many years. I found your chart conclusively affirming the word of the Lord! Hallelujah

  22. This excellent. I am currently working on Genesis and thoroughly enjoying it. Your website is very helpful. Thanks for all the in-sights.

  23. Genesis 37:13 states that Jacob sent Joseph out of the vale of Hebron, and he came to Shechem because that is where his brothers were supposed to be. It is not a small distance between Hebron and Shechem. But then in Genesis 37:17 Joseph learns that his brothers departed to a place even further north called Dothan. So Joseph did not go back to his father, but he went the extra distance to find his brothers. There is a reason why the extra distance is mentioned in scripture. We see the same thing with our Lord Jesus Christ who came all the way from Heaven to earth, but then he went the extra distance on the road that leads to the cross.

  24. A Bible student finding correlations between an Old Testament story and the life of Christ is simply finding illustrations, not types. In other words, typology is determined by Scripture. The Holy Spirit inspired the use of types; illustrations and analogies are the result of man’s study. For example, many people see parallels between Joseph (Genesis 37-45) and Jesus. The humiliation and subsequent glorification of Joseph seem to correspond to the death and resurrection of Christ. However, the New Testament never uses Joseph as a model of Christ; therefore, Joseph’s story is properly called an illustration, but not a type, of Christ.

    Read more:

    • Kevin, I can’t disagree with you to say that “Joseph’s story” is “an illustration”; but surely the events in the story are based on what happens to a CHARACTER… so I can’t see the point about saying that Joseph wasn’t a ‘type of Christ’. Some things in Scripture are a bit (even very) hidden, aren’t they? Jesus Himself spoke in parables – partly so that people would have to think about what he said or SEEK him. And that is what Andrew has done, along with all the other folk who have posted things. I didn’t go to Bible College (UK) but I have studied my Bible and sought to get to know God better. And at this moment I tend to believe that the Holy Spirit inspired me to see that OT Joseph was/is a ‘type of Christ’ in action (and even to some extent in word) – the action prophesying about Jesus just as much as all the specific verbal prophecies given in the Old Testament. Btw there are other OT things missed out of the New Testament, but it doesn’t mean to say they are wrong as well. Anyway, I have been blessed by what I have learnt from Andrew and others, and I hope YOU have been – ?

    • Joseph was indeed a type of christ…Pharoah instructed all his servants to bow the knee to JOSEPH…God almighty instructs all the angels to worship the christ

  25. great material for preaching, thank be to God, going through those comments by different people, i realize for any reason people comment, but I should say keep up the good work, don’t be discourage who ever compiled this materials, it is wonderful may God bless your labor,

  26. Another one: Gen 37:33 vs Gen 45:28, in Israel’s eyes his son Joseph was dead but was alive again (resurrection). Interesting interchangeable use of the names Jacob and Israel all through Gen 37-50, very intentional.

  27. According to Stanley M. Horton in “GENESIS, THE PROMISE OF BLESSING,” Joseph was about 30 years old when was lifted up to serve Pharoah. (Horton, Stanley. Genesis, The Promise of Blessing. Springfield, MO. World Library Press. 1996. Page 166)

  28. I appreciate all your comment people of God. May God bless you all. But, I learnt that the physical life of Joseph was the spiritual life of Jesus. The same relationship between Pharoah and Joseph was the same relationship Jesus had with his Father. Joseph ruler of Egypt still under the authority of Pharoah. As Joseph is not Greater than Pharoah in the matters of throne, So Jesus is not greater than God in the matters of the throne. As Joseph was “Like” Pharoah, Jesus also was “Like” God in all ramification. Joseph is Pharoah’s representative, as Jesus is God’s representative on earth. As Joseph is not Pharoah, So, Jesus is not God. As Pharoah is the head of Joseph, God is the head of Jesus. That’s great.

  29. Indeed a good work, and I am most encouraged by those that care to read through carefully and brought out areas that were not noticed by you. Love you sir.

  30. They both purchase souls with bread. It was Judahs idea to sell Joseph for the price of a slave. Judas is Greek for Judah and Judas sells Jesus out for the price of a slave.

  31. Thanks so much Andrew! The insights are greatly blessing my sermon series on Joseph! “Gleanings In Genesis” is in my library, but I haven’t read through it in many years. I will now! Dan Brodek

  32. A brilliant list, Andrew, and LOTS of brilliant additions, many of which I had already thought of beforehand. I have copied and pasted the whole of your table, and added all the extras from other people in chronological order (according to Joseph’s life) into my own Word doc.. This supplements PowerPoints which I had already created for adults; and animated PP’s with graphics for kids that I had already produced on the life of Joseph. I have concentrated on contrasting the ‘up & down’ nature of Joseph’s physical / geographical life, with the very CONSISTENT spiritual life he appeared to demonstrate in…
    Gen.37.5,9-10; 39.2-3,5,8-9,21,23; 40.5-9,12,16,20-22; 41.15-17,25,28,32,38-39,50-52; 42.18; 45.4-8; 50.19-21

  33. joseph’s coat of many colours has to be symbolic of christ’s church of many colours…that is dipped in his blood etc

  34. jacob made that coat of many colours for joseph specially…which is symbolic of the heathen ( THE CHURCH ) of many colours….i will give thee the heathen for thine inheritence WHICH IS THE CHURCH..THE WORLD…OF MANY COLOURS..PSALMS 2 I THINK..I WILL GIVE THEE THE HEATHEN FOR THINE INHERITENCE ETC

  35. God instructs ALL the angels to worship christ..Pharoah instructs every body to bow the knee to Joseph…in Jospeh’s dream he saw all his brethren and his Father bowing the knee to is that God will also worship his son….as jacob did joseph…wd God instruct all the angels to worship the christ if he himself didn’t worship his only the natural a father and son is a mutual relationship of love and WORSHIP and adoration

  36. Jacob worked 20 yrs for Rachel, thus her 2 children joseph and Benjamin were born of the spirit…i.e. joseph’s will..he neva wanted the other women they were just put in his tent…thus the ten were born of the flesh…mans will..and that which is born of the flesh always persecutes that which is born of the spirit…and they truly persecuted Joseph…and cd not see his face till they brought their younger brother Benjamin

  37. just a reminder….Paul also used typology in explaning the 2 covenants as answering to hagar and her son…and sarah and her son isaac..but under this new covenant christ is gonna be formed in us…just as isaac was formed in sarah by faith…christ is gonna be formed in us…gal 4 v 19

  38. For those discussing the term “type”; the terminology “type” has been used in theologies for literally thousands of years. One of the best books on typology is by Samuel Mather called “The figures or types of the Old Testament by which Christ and the heavenly things of the Gospel were preached and shadowed to the people of God of old : explained and improved in sundry sermons” by Mr. Samuel Mather. Mather’s work influenced Jonathan Edwards, Edward Taylor, William Bradstreet, and George Whitfield. He does make a distinction between types as given in Scripture (e.g., Jonah and the whale to Christ) and those that Christians recognize He distinguished between the typus arbitrarius (not called so in the Scripture)and the typus fixus and institutus (those given in Scripture).

  39. I also see a likeness in the TWO times that Joseph wept (upon meeting his brothers in Egypt and upon greeting his elderly father Jacob at his arrival there) and in the TWO times that Jesus wept (over Jerusalem’s rejection of his message and over Lazarus’ death).

  40. I love the comment about Joseph being perfect…but he was not, a chosen man no doubt,but not all men carry the stain and the spot of Adam, only Christ was perfect being his father was God Almighty, as the scrip. says the 2 nd man is the lord from heaven, but joseph was not the lord from heaven as Christ was,…but a sure type of christ 2 nd to none…..Alex

  41. Joseph told his brethren they wd not see his face till they brought their younger brother ( Benjamin ) Joseph means adding a son. Benjamin was that added Son. but in the spritual realm that added son is the H.G. EMMANUEL, God with us. Jesus said unless you receive the KINGDOM AS A LIL CHILD YOU WILL IN NO WISE ENTER THER IN.

  42. Rachel was barren for so long ,but she finaly got pregnant and they named him Joseph which means a SON wd be added and that 2 nd son was Benjamin which answers to the 2 nd son that wd be added to the church which is THE H.G. THE PROMISE CHILD AS JESUS mentions. She brought forth a Manchild that will rule all nations, Is this ADDED child. My lil children of whom i travail in birth till christ be formed in you. GBU

  43. Joseph means a son wd be added which was Benjamin that added son to Rachel but in the spirtual realm who is that 2 nd son that will be added TO CHRIST IS IT EMANUEL, THE H.G, GOD WITH US Solomon says he saw the 2 nd Child that wd stand up in his stead and reign over all the earth ecc. 4 v 15 and jesus said whosoever receives one such child in my name receives me and She brought forth a man child that will rule all nations….GBU

  44. IN Pharoahs dream he saw 14 kine come out of the river 7 good 7 bad but the point is each animal was symbolic of 1 yr, this famine had a 14 yr duration. Are the 2000 swine that Jesus sent into the river symbolic of a 2000 yr spiritual famine that was coming on all the earth, Jesus didn’t feed the multitudes till the 3 r day, they had to fast for 2 days .he said the days are coming when the bridegrooom will be taken away then shall you fast in those days Days are plural, 2 days 2000 yrs no spritual bread ,no JESUS, I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE.etc.

  45. IMO Joseph coat of many colors has to be symbolic of the world, humanity of many Colors, us sinners of all races and kindreds.GOD so loved the WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS SON, I was NAKED AND YOU CLOTHED ME, Joseph coat answers to the raiment of Christ that was dipped in blood,We are his vesture dipped in blood,When they saw Christ on the mount his vesture was white as Snow ,He was presenting to God a Glorious church without spot or wrinkle,Isaiah says tho your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as Snow. No fuller on earth can Whiten us like his blood ,The coat of Joseph answers to the raiment of christ that was dipped in blood which is us sinners,I was naked and you clothed me,Abide in me and i in you.

  46. Andrew, thanks so much for your work. I very much enjoyed reading it. There are so many responses and I didn’t take time to read them all. Two (possibly) additional similarities: 1) Joseph was assumed dead and ‘suddenly appeared’ to the 12 (brothers). 2) he was of the ’12’ yet outside and beyond the ’12’. If I had been in charge there certainly would have been ‘the Tribe of Joseph’. But Jesus’s coming makes all of this dovetail perfectly (no surprise there). Just my thoughts. Thanks and blessings to you.

  47. I did not read all the comments to see if someone had mentioned these other similarities of Joseph and Jesus:
    Aside from the divinely imposed veiling by God over His People, here are three reasons Jesus is still not recognized as Messiah by the Jewish people as it relates to the story of Joseph And His Brothers.

    1. In Egypt Joseph was known by an Egyptian name, Zaphnathpaaneah. He was not known as Yosef his Hebrew name. Likewise for Jesus- The name “Jesus” is also a foreign name to His Jewish brethren.
    The name Jesus is not Hebrew. It is the Anglicized version of a Greek name.
    It might be part of the reason He is not being recognized when we talk about Him to Jewish people. “Jesus” is just not accepted.
    Yeshua is Jesus Name in Hebrew. It means “salvation.” Every Jewish person who attends synagogue will be familiar with this word. It is spoken in Services in many prayers.

    2. Joseph spoke the foreign Egyptian language. He use an interpreter to speak to his brothers. They did not understand the language and so, did not recognize him.
    For hundreds of years, Jesus has been presented to Jewish people with words unfamiliar to them. Bibles have been printed in Christian-friendly terms.
    Jewish people today still use some Hebrew. They are familiar with Hebrew names for their Holy Days. They are not familiar with Easter for Passover which is “Pesach.” Easter is actually the Anglicized word for Ishtar a fertility goddess who was worshipped at the same time of year. The Church adopted it.
    Throughout our modern bibles, especially the New Testament, words like “synagogue” have been replaced by “church” or “assembly.” The word “baptism” replaced “mikvah.” Instead of using the bible names for Holy Days like Sukkot, Shavuot, and Chanukah the names are defined or described as Feast of Tabernacles, Feast of Weeks, Feast of Dedication. In Hebrew, they are not called Feasts at all. They just have names.

    3. Another reason Jewish people do not recognize Jesus as their brother, has to do with teachings about Him. Like Joseph, he is perceived to live in a different world.
    If you have been presenting Yeshua as “Jesus” and claiming He broke the Sabbath or other laws, that means He didn’t keep God’s law perfectly. Any knowledgeable Jewish person would then ask, “How can He be the perfect sinless sacrifice?”
    Jesus, Yeshua, is not recognized by the Jewish people because like Zaphnathpaaneah, Yosef, He has been dressed in these Egyptian clothes (Christian clothes) and not as Jewish.
    My friends, He will be recognized when we remove the Christian disguise and present Him as Jewish to His brethren.
    True Christianity is really Jewish.

  48. Hi Andrew, I just want you to know I was blessed with your study. I came to your page because I was reflecting on Jesus forgotten and abandoned for his friend (Luke 23-41) Joseph went through the same (Ge 40-14). Also, Joseph was full of the Spirit of God (Gen 41-38) as Jesus was John (3-34). What a wonderful God we serve!

    • Sorry, I forgot Jesus was restored by the Spirit of God who rose Him from the grave. Joseph came to favor when Pharaon saw the Spirit’s presence through him. “It’s not by force not by might but my Spirit said the Lord” Zech 4-6

  49. Have none of you are aware of a term called plagiarism. It is clear as day. From there study ra of ancient Egypt in the book of the dead? You can basically do the same thing side by side

  50. My dear sir, This is the most inspirational presentation for which I had been on the look out for quite sometime. (Relating to the spiritual principles from the life of Joseph). “Now I’m all set to go ahead!” Praise The Lord! Thank you!

  51. In 1981 or ’82, I took OT Survey in Bible college under Dr. Bill Dowell. Early into the class, he told us that he was going to give us 50+ parallels between the life of Joseph and the life of Jesus. I was quite skeptical and anticipated that some of them would be quite a stretch, but I was amazed at how legit they were! I wish I had kept my notes, but I’m so glad I discovered your article! Thank you!

  52. Also, you mention they were both first born but they were also divinely born. Rachel was barren and it says the Lord opened her womb.

  53. Just wanted to thank you for the awesome chart. For those looking for even more types of Joseph as Christ, check out Arthur Pink’s Gleanings in Genesis. He lists 101 types.

  54. I stumbled upon this site from searching out a scripture (not by accident- this is God’s leading) – Joseph is as a type of Christ – the similarities are beautiful and a confirmation of scripture. God’s Word is faithful and true and powerful – such a blessing. Thank you for sharing what God has shown you to us – God is blessing through this 🙏 🙌

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