What is the purpose of this document?

This document serves to collect various scripture references useful in explaining the reasons for the historic Christian faith to non-believers and new believers.

What is included in this document?

The first part contains scripture references pertaining to specific essential doctrines. It follows the order of the Beatty Community Church statement of faith. Each section begins with a quote from our statement of faith.

The rest of the document includes other scripture references on topics useful in the field of apologetics, such as faith and fulfilled prophecies.

Not all doctrinal areas are covered. Some may be added later on.

Scripture reference links are provided by Bible Gateway and will open in a separate window.

What are doctrines?

The word doctrine means something that is taught. It is related to the word doctor, which means one who is educated and qualified to teach. Doctrines are teachings that are considered true. Our statement of faith contains eleven statements that express the basic doctrines of Beatty Community Church. These statements describe what we believe about the Bible, God, man, and the church.

Why do we have a statement of faith?

Our statement of faith describes to others what we believe. They are the beliefs that our local church is based on. It is useful for church-seekers to know what we believe. We have no secret doctrines.

Apologetics References

Title Description
The Bible What the Bible has to say about itself, and why it can be trusted.
The Character and Nature of God Scripture references on the character and nature of God.
Jesus Christ What the Bible has to say about who Jesus Christ is.
The Holy Spirit Who the Holy Spirit is.
Man & Salvation The nature of man.
The End Times What the Bible has to say about the end times.
The Church What the Bible says about the Church.
Baptism What baptism is and what it means.
The Lord’s Supper What the Lord’s Supper is and what it means.
Faith What faith is.
Our Priorities What the Bible says about what is most important.
The Return of Israel About the dispersion and return of Israel.
Glossary A short Bible glossary.


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